Giving Your Feet the Care They Deserve

Published on September 29, 2017

It’s easy to neglect your feet. They spend most of their time covered up by our shoes, and when you finally kick those shoes off, your socks are there to make it easier to neglect your feet. Even when you find that you have a little extra time to dedicate to caring for your feet, you might still put it off because you know a majority of people will never even see them.

The environment our feet are constantly in and the amount of strain we put on them in our daily lives can lead to the rapid buildup of dead and damaged skin. Although this issue is one that can be ignored or worked around, it can prevent you from feeling comfortable wearing those nice heels or sandals.

That is why Advanced Medical Spa and Laser Center offers the Silk Peel for Feet. This relaxing and rejuvenating treatment will nourish and pamper your feet so they get the care they deserve.

Contact Advanced Medical Spa and Laser Center today to schedule an appointment for your Silk Peel for Feet. We will provide you with excellent care in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

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