The Advanced Power of LED Light Therapy

Published on September 14, 2017

At Advanced Medical Spa, we focus on providing our patients with the most advanced and effective treatments available. When it comes to light-based treatments, our LED light therapy treatment is the best option for quickly and painlessly treating a wide variety of skin issues.

The LED light emitted by the device is an excellent choice for treating sensitive skin conditions like acne and rosacea. LED light therapy is also a very effective anti-aging treatment and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sun spots and other forms of sun damage can be eliminated with the help of this treatment option.

When you contact Advanced Medical Spa to schedule a consultation for your LED light therapy, you can feel confident that you will be receiving high-quality and personalized care. Our staff will make sure that you are as relaxed and as comfortable as possible during your time with us.

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