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Our Staff

Anna Villante

Anna, an Aesthetician and Certified Laser Technician, creates successful results with her extensive training and experience. She is able to dramatically enhance a patients’ appearances by applying her education and utilizing the most advanced cosmetic technology. With these tools, Anna is an expert at analyzing skin, and determining a successful plan of treatment to create the optimal results for each client’s individual needs and aesthetic goals.

In 2016, Anna graduated simultaneously from Hightstown High School and Mercer County Vocational School where she earned her license in Cosmetology. Her passion for aesthetic medicine lead her to pursue her education further and receive her medical esthetician degree from the renown Rizzeri – Aveda School in Voorhees, NJ.

She believes the aesthetic industry offers an in-depth learning experience, and that the best way to maintain the most advances skills is through continuous education and providing the maximum results as an esthetician. At this role, Anna emphasizes the importance of high quality skin care as she believes investing in your skin creates a lifetime of benefits.

As an esthetician who enjoys improving the overall health and appearance of patients’ skin, Anna often expertly performs a series services from Advanced Medical Peels to Microdermabrasion. Anna takes pride in her work and the outcomes created; she finds building successful skin treatment plans, connections, and trust between her and her patents especially fulfilling.


Elizabeth Murry – Aesthetician

She is a graduate of the Skin Care Academy in Poland with advanced training for traumatic skin care on burn patients. Elizabeth was also traned and certified by R. Stephen Mulholland, MD. In the United States she attended the prestigious Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics. Elizabeth has worked in several world renowned spas such as Georgette Klinger and Elizabeth Arden (Red Door Spa). Some of her high profile clientele over the years, included Elizabeth Taylor, Faye Dunaway, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and many more. With over 25 years experience in Dermatology and Plastic surgery practices, she has perfected her commitment to the latest skin care.

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Pre &post Surgery skin care
  • Laser hair removal
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Dermaplaning
  • Microneedling
  • Chemical peels
  • Customized facials
  • Skin care chemistry and ingredients
  • Acne skin
  • Ethnic skin
  • VI peel
  • Anti- Aging Skin care

“Skin care is not a luxury… It’s a necessity” Elizabeth Murray


Cydney – Aesthetician

Cydney obtained her cosmetology license in June 2015 from Shore Regional High School and Keyport Vocational School. Upon graduation, Cydney enhanced her education attending the Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California. After specializing in the hair industry for two years, Cydney decided to shift her career into the skincare industry, which has always been her true passion.

Cydney decided to attend the Rizzieri Aveda School in Voorhees, NJ to strengthen her knowledge and passion for skincare. Cydney earned an additional 600 hours in esthetician in parallel with studying to become a Medical Aesthetician. Cydney graduated from Rizzieri in November 2018 with advanced esthetician knowledge and certification in Laser Physics and Safety, Microneedling, Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning, Microderm abrasion, and Medical Aesthetician Certification.

Cydney’s passion for skincare began in her teenage years, having severe acne. Cydney learn the power of proper skincare and the power of feeling confident with healthy skin. Cydney’s passion includes helping others maintain their skin with the utmost care and precision resulting in a beautiful skin and a confident customer. Working closely with patients, understanding the desired outcome and obtaining the end result comes from a strong patient/esthetician relationship. Cydney feels taking the time to discuss and evaluate the patient’s needs is key to successful results.

The skincare industry is constantly changing and staying on the cutting edge through education is key. Cydney is consistently educating herself on new techniques and procedures in the Aesthetician industry to stay on the cutting edge of technology and offer her patients the best care possible.