Silk Peel Dermalinfusion Flemington

Dermalinfusion is a cutting-edge, revolutionary procedure that will exfoliate your skin, simultaneously infuse a powerful topical serum, remove any and all toxins with lymphatic drainage, build new collagen growth for better texture and skin health, and improve circulation!  This twenty minute treatment has no down time, is pain and long lasting results.  These treatments use serum that is customized to the patients needs.

Dermal Infusions Infuse the following products:

Lumixyl Pro Infusion – Brightening for the improvement of discoloration and acheive a more even tone overall.
ClarityMD Pro Infusion – Pore Clarification for acne prone skin.
Vitamin C Pro Infusion – Antioxidants to protect against free-radical damage and brighten dull skin.
Hydrating Pro Infusion – Hyaluronic acid for hydration of thirsty skin.

Dr. Anubha Sinha has the expertise to help you achieve natural looking results.

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