Anti-Aging and Your Skin Care Flemington

Look good, feel great, and appear younger!


A youthful face enhances appearance and self-confidence

anti-agingThere are many extrinsic causes of aging skin such as alcohol consumption, dehydration, exposure to cold, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, smoking, stress and exposure to sun.

Additionally, there are intrinsic causes of aging skin such as loss of slowed collagen and elastin production, failure of cell regeneration loss of essential fat, and slow exfoliation process.

Here at The Advanced Medical Spa and Laser Center, we can help you reach that perfect young and glowing skin. Our top of the line, medical grade products and advanced treatment options, coupled with your healthy lifestyle, can make your face and body look and feel years younger! Come in for a consultation with Dr. Sinha and our skin care specialist; together we can revitalize your appearance and regenerate your youthful radiance. Dr. Anubha Sinha has the expertise to help you achieve natural looking results.

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