Body Treatments Flemington

Body TreatmentsIn addition to helping your face appear younger, more radiant, and more restful, The Advanced Medical Spa and Laser Center offers a host of relaxing body treatments. Come in and be pampered by one or more of the following body-beautiful treatments:

Airbrush Tanning

Gain a natural looking tan while staying away from the harmful rays of the sun. You can have the look of a beach vacation, without experiencing damage from the sun. Learn more…

Back Facial

This back facial is a full, relaxing treatment which improves the appearance of acne, and reduces pore blockage. Used with a microdermabrasion infusion, skin becomes more radiant and clear.

Body Peels

These peels are an excellent treatment for the arms, back, chest, feet, hands, and legs. Body peels can help a younger looking body match an ageless face. This process is excellent for the treatment for body acne, fading brown spots, and elevating the tone of your skin.


Hand Rejuvenation

Hands lose their elegance as we age; thus, they become an obvious clue to our true age. Sun exposure, loss of volume, prominence of veins, and visible bones can make our hands look older. Dermal filler injections can help! These injection only take a few minutes and the results have proven to create long lasting, youthful hands. Learn more..

Keratosis Pilaris (KP)

No longer be conscious of embarrassing red/pink bumps which often form within hair follicles and can be seen on arms and legs! Just use the Silk Peel Diamond Dermal infusion, which diminishes and levels KP, resulting in silky arms and legs.

Neck and Chest Facial

This is a simple, relaxing facial for your neck and chest that improves the appearance of acne and removes pore congestion, resulting in healthy glowing skin. This service can be enhanced with infused microdermabrasion.

Silk Peel for Feet

We tend to ignore our feet because we can cover them up. Therefore, feet create a rapid buildup of dead, flakey skin. Silk Peel Diamond Dermal infusion combines Pro-Infusion Solutions with diamond exfoliation for smooth, even toned feet. After a silk peel you’ll have no hesitation wearing a beautiful pair of strappy sandals or gorgeous designer flip-flops.


Fluxes in rapid weight gain or the byproduct of surgery can result in stretchmarks. These unattractive discolored streaks are highly noticeable on the skin. Diamond tip exfoliation and the infusion of a combination of Pro-Infusion serums will fade stretch marks and easily improve the texture of your skin.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a very relaxing treatment used to prevent swelling and bruising, to heal acne and wrinkles, to relieve fatigue and sports injuries, and to enhance the immune system. However, there are other benefits as well!

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