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Medical Grade Chemical Peels


Medical grade chemical peels are one of the most successful, least invasive, and cost efficient ways to rejuvenate your skin that has suffered sun exposure, acne, aging, spotting or scaring. Although chemical peels are used primarily for the face, they can also be used on the neck, body, and hands. This popular treatment not only erases skin imperfections including acne and signs of aging, but will make your skin clear, supple, and radiant. Dr. Anubha Sinha has the expertise to help you achieve your desired results.

Light Chemical Peel

Light Chemical Peel will intensify the exfoliation process of the superficial layer of your skin with no down time. Pores and fine lines will be diminished which will result in a healthier, vibrant look.

Medium Chemical Peels

Medium Chemical Peels can treat acne and deeper conditions than Light Peels. They may require some amount of downtime, depending on the ability of the body to heal. Many times, however, Medium Peels do not require downtime.

Medical Grade Deep Peelss

Medical Grade Deep Peels work deeper into the tissue and provide greater intensity. This process lasts longer and takes three to five day of downtime. There are also certain precautions to be taken, like avoiding going out in the sun, during this time. The skin needs to be protected while it recovers.

Because this is an advanced medical process, this procedure will be performed by Dr. Sinha.

6 months ago I joined the skincare club that Dr. Sinha offers here.I have noticed an improvement in my skin issues. They offer many different medical grade peels and by now I have tried every one of them! Ana Maria and Cydney are fantastic Estheticians and listen to my skincare concerns. They make coming here very enjoyable. Plus the place is very clean and updated. I have been to a lot of Medi Spas and I will continue here as a client.

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The Peels We Offers

The peels can be used alone or in combination with other treatments including lasers.

  • Medical Grade Chemical Peels are for all skin types, especially those which are dull dry and hyper pigmented.
  • Enzyme Peels aredeep cleaning anti acne peels that are used for all skin types and motivates cell production and emphasizes a new surface glow.
  • Glycolic Peels areused on a combination of skin types to fight adult acne, congested pores, blackheads, and uneven completions.
  • Salicylic Peels penetrates clogged pores and mild acne (this process might temporarily heighten breakouts, but quickly conditions improve for a marked difference in tone, clarity, and texture).
  • Jessner Peel: This medium deep peel will remove the superficial layers of skin and dry out acned. The Jessner Peer reduces shallow wrinkles and scaring, extricates blackheads and helps lighted hyper pigmentation. This peel will diminish the look of sun damaged and aging skin.
  • Alpha Beta Peels reduce rosacea, improves elasticity, and softens skin. This treatment is perfect for reducing accelerated wrinkles and face firming.
  • Kojic Peels are used specifically for hyper pigmentation. They restore even skin color and can be used for all types of skin.
  • Malic Peels are natural treatments that come from a concentration of fruits and vegetables. These peels hydrated skin without causing oiliness. They help fight free radicals which cause skin damage.
  • TCA Peels are an excellent antidote for skin resurfacing. This treatment can be used for rosacea, malasma, uneven skin tone, skin damaged by sun, wrinkles, and abnormalities of pigment. The concentration of the peels vary. Patients can anticipate up to one week of downtime.

VI Peels are specifically formulated for hyper-pigmented skin. They remove stubborn discoloration while smoothing skin texture.

Medical Grade Chemical Peel Aftercare

It is important to understand that getting a chemical peel is not enough for the wellbeing of your skin – you must also be committed to the aftercare process. You will speak to our skincare experts regarding aftercare and maintenance, who will help ensure that your skin’s recovery process is free of complications.

Make sure to follow these skincare rules after a Medical Grade Chemical Peel:

  • Do not expose the skin to the sun – After the peel is done, avoid going out in the sun. Skin is more prone to sun damage following a peel, so this will help in speeding up the healing process and avoiding new damage.
  • Wear sunscreen with a proper SPF – Once your skin has been treated with a chemical peel, wear at least 30-SPF sunscreen at all times, especially while stepping out of the house.
  • Be gentle with your skin – Instead of using a regular cloth after a Medical Grade Chemical Peel, it is better to wipe it with a baby cloth or soft sponges, since these have a less-abrasive texture.
  • Do not exfoliate – Because a Medical Grade Chemical Peel is an exfoliating process, there is no need for you to exfoliate your skin with other products. In fact, doing so may prove to be harmful to the procedure’s results.

If you ensure good upkeep of your skin, your chemical peel results will last longer and keep you looking youthful and blemish-free.

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