What’s Your Daily Skincare Ritual?

Published on August 6, 2020

Great skin doesn’t come naturally. Matter of fact, your daily habits have a major impact on your largest organ.

Besides living a healthy lifestyle, which includes good nutrition, regular exercise, and plenty of sleep, here are some key steps to establishing a daily skincare ritual that maintains skin health:

  • Thoroughly cleanse your skin every morning and evening. Also, be sure to select a cleanser that addresses your skin’s unique needs.
  • Toning with a quality product after cleansing helps to ensure any traces of excess makeup or environmental debris is removed from the skin. It also preps the complexion for the next steps of a daily ritual.
  • Serums like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, etc. provide the skin with vital nutrients that enhance hydration, regeneration, and protection. Remember, you can adapt your serum based on seasonal, lifestyle, or environmental changes.
  • Selecting the best moisturizer can sometimes be challenging as our skincare needs change—especially with chronological and hormonal shifts. Regular facials allow your aesthetician to thoroughly analyze and adapt your skincare needs.
  • Being sun smart year round is important, so be sure you are always using the best sun protection for your skin. For example, if you are active outdoors, you may want to select a sport sunscreen for best coverage.
  • Biweekly exfoliation ensures proper shedding of dead skin cells. This vital skincare step also creates an environment that encourages advanced products, like serums, to work on an optimum level.
  • Additional products like masks and eye creams are also key steps. Again, speak to your aesthetician to determine the best products for your skin.

What are some key steps to your daily skincare routine?

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