“I Am So Pleased”

Published on June 1, 2016

Dr. Sinha has been my Gastroenterologist for several years. She recently opened the Advanced Medical Spa & Laser Center in Flemington. I would not think of trusting any other Dr. with any cosmetic procedure other than Dr. Sinha. As a Gastroenterologist, she has taken exceptional care of my insides, so my obvious choice was her when I decided to take care of my outside. I recently went to the new Medical Spa for a consultation for Botox. There is a wonder Aesthetician in the spa that did my consultation. During my consultation with the Aesthetician and Dr. Sinha my health history was gone over and Dr. Sinha created an individualized plan for my service. I did let her know I had a previous eye surgery for Ptosis. She took this into consideration when she did my procedure. She wanted to make sure I had the best result possible and I did!. I had the injections in my forehead as I was involuntarily scrunching and squinting the skin. You normally start to see a change by day 5. By the next day I could see a big difference. By day 5 I looked like a new person. People were no longer asking me what was wrong as I was no longer scowling. I no longer look like I am grimacing in photos. I am extremely pleased with the care I received and outcome. I will be back to the Medical Spa for maintenance and for any other services I would like to have done. I am so pleased I am getting first rate service without having to travel to New York. Trust and training is very important when seeing any Doctor and this why I chose the Advanced Medical Spa & Laser Center.

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