The Science of Hair Restoration

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Published on April 18, 2024

Having a thick head of hair can play a huge role in your overall self-confidence and appearance. When you lack hair on the scalp, it can make you feel insecure and have you worrying constantly about ways to cover it up. Fortunately, hair restoration has become more accessible with platelet-rich plasma therapy.

PRP Hair Restoration

One of the newest hair loss solutions to hit the cosmetic world is PRP hair restoration. This stands for platelet-rich plasma, and it’s a type of therapy that can be used to manage and treat the effects of hair loss in both men and women. This treatment option has been utilized for years to help heal injured ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the body. So, it’s been proven effective time and time again.

What is PRP?

As part of this hair restoration treatment, PRP is injected into treatment areas on the scalp. The actual PRP is formulated from your bodily fluids. Your blood is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The overall liquid part of your blood is referred to as plasma.

To obtain the PRP for your hair regrowth injections, blood is drawn from your arm. The sample is then put into a centrifuge. This is simply a machine that spins your blood at a rapid pace to help separate the different fluids in it. This happens because different fluids have different densities.

After spinning for around 10 minutes in the centrifuge, your blood will be separated into three different materials. These include red blood cells, platelet-rich plasma, and platelet-poor plasma. Dr. Sinha will use a syringe to draw up the platelet-rich plasma, which is the treatment substance for this hair restoration method.

Receiving the Injections

PRP hair restoration is all about introducing your PRP directly into the scalp. Dr. Sinha will use the syringe of PRP that she obtained from your blood and inject it into the problem areas of your scalp. There will be multiple injections to help stimulate growth.

PRP treatments aren’t a one-time thing. Rather, you can expect to get PRP injections in your scalp for up to six months or more. The number of injections that you receive will widely depend on your surgeon’s recommendation and your overall response to them. Some patients may notice results within three short months, while others may take six months.

How Does PRP Work?

The science behind PRP lies within the ability of the platelets found in your blood. Platelets are known to have the critical role of clotting blood when an injury occurs to the skin. However, they also have been found to contain proteins and cytokines that are necessary for promoting healing, growth, and rejuvenation. With PRP, you get to use your own body’s natural healing mechanism to regrow your hair.

Schedule a Consultation

Regaining your thinning hair is possible without any sort of chemical or invasive surgery. PRP injections use your own body’s platelet-rich plasma to stimulate the natural regrowth of your hair. Consult with Dr. Sinha at the Advanced Medical Spa & Laser Center today to bring back your beautiful locks of hair!

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